The Caucasus is a geographic region, predominantly a mountainous region of Eurasia, located south of the East European lowlands, on the border of Europe and Asia, covering the territory of Georgia, Azerbaijan and Armenia, as well as Russia. In the west, it is washed by the Black Sea, and in the east – the Caspian Sea. In the Caucasus, the opportunities for recreation are practically endless: beautiful and affordable landscapes, seaside resorts, medical resorts, resorts, mild climate, unique flora, ancient monuments,  healing mineral springs, as well as the famous Caucasian cuisine, which has become known far beyond the borders of this region.

The main religions are Christianity: Oriental Orthodoxy (Russian and Georgian Churches), Oriental Orthodoxy (Armenian Apostolic Church), Nestorianism (Assyrian Church in the East) and Islam (mainly Sunnis and Shiites). There are representatives of Judaism (Ashkenazi, Lahluhsi, Georgian and Mountain Jews) and Yezidism (Yazidis). Traditional beliefs are also preserved, usually combined with one of the world’s religions. The Caucasus region was extremely important due to its geostrategic position – trade and transport routes connecting Europe with Central Asia passed here.

Caucasian countries

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Georgia is located in what is traditionally known as Eurasia. Georgia is washed by the Black Sea in the west, bordered by Turkey in the west and south, Armenia in the south, Azerbaijan in the east and Russia in the north.

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Armenia is a country in the Caucasus, located on the border of Europe and Asia; former union republic of the USSR. Armenia borders Georgia to the north, Azerbaijan to the east, Iran to the south and Turkey to the west.

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Azerbaijan is a former Soviet republic of the USSR, the country is washed by the shore of the Caspian Sea from the east, it borders on Russia, Georgia, Iran, Armenia and Turkey .

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