Georgia is surrounded by the Caucasus Mountains on one side, stunning lakes with waterfalls and mountain streams, untouched by the civilization of nature, forest paths on the other side. Georgia is a unique place where you can go hiking in the morning, explore famous landmarks by day, and in the evening spend an unforgettable time with the colorful locals.

Hiking routes in Georgia

Travel makes life more interesting. Trekking in Georgia will give you a lot of vivid impressions and new interesting acquaintances. We will pass along the majestic mountain ranges and deep gorges, see fast and clear mountain rivers, admire the luxury of alpine meadows, plunge into the ancient history and culture of this beautiful and proud country. Hiking trails are available for every taste: through the mountains, national parks, ancient cities. In addition to trekking itself, you will find a bright cultural and entertainment program. Excursions, tales by the fire, active games – you definitely won’t be bored on a hike! You will be amazed when you cross the border of Georgia for the first time and see kind, hospitable people, a poor but actively developing country: the most intelligent citizens and philosophic shepherds. Dancing with all their hearts and singing in several voices over a jug of wine men – and beautiful Georgian women. How ascetic Georgian monasteries and fortresses are. In general, if you are in this country for the first time, on the very first day you will fall in love with the people who met you, its air, mountains and skies.

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