Ski resort Goderdzi

110 kilometers from Batumi is the nearest ski resort called Goderdzi, where a two-level cable car with a total length of 4 kilometers is installed. Red cabins with a capacity of up to 6 people and a special place for skis are raised to the first level. They are quite cozy, but for some reason they are quite low, so you have to bend over a little when entering and exiting. For the next two kilometers, a chair lift with self-closing glass raises, through which you can observe all the snow-white beauty around from a height of 2400 meters above sea level.

Near the cable car there are several points with rental of ski equipment and home-made mini fast foods. On the territory of the resort there is a good restaurant at the hotel where you can enjoy national dishes made from fresh and natural village products. By the way, there are no shops there, so take everything you need with you. To date, this is all that has been built, but things are not standing still and the authorities are making every effort to bring Goderdzi to the highest level and develop a ski resort near the Black Sea coast to a global scale. As for entertainment, there is nothing here yet. Therefore, we do not recommend here for apres-ski lovers, but for those who want a relaxing holiday with friends or family, welcome.

Goderdzi track

The entire length of the Goderdzi tracks is 8 kilometers. There is unlimited territory for freeride and backcountry, so professionals and extreme people are in bliss here. All tracks are marked in blue, but to be honest, we do not recommend amateurs to go down from the second level of the cable car, believe you will have enough extreme on the first two kilometers. The lift operates daily from 10.00 to 16.00 and until 17.00 on weekends.



Goderdzi is considered the highest point in Adjara and is located in the Alpine zone. Due to the fact that it is located near the sea, it is always humid and there is a lot of precipitation. That is why this ski resort is famous for the largest snow cover in all of Georgia. The season here lasts from mid-December to the end of April.

How to get there:

You can get here by minibus or by car, preferably an SUV, since the last couple of tens of kilometers are in very poor condition. By transfer The quickest and most comfortable way to get to Goderdzi is by ordering a specialized transfer.

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