Water sports

Georgia is a country with beautiful and attractive nature, which attracts with various types of outdoor activities. One of these is rafting in Georgia. The diverse landscape in Georgia will provide you with a large number of rivers for rafting: Aragvi, Tskhenskatsli, Kura, Rioni, etc. More than a hundred rivers flow on the territory of Georgia, swimming along the rivers you can get into national parks, and along the banks of other rivers there are ancient cities, old fortresses, waterfalls and other attractions. Therefore, lovers of rafting love rafting in Georgia.


We organize rafting on the rivers of Georgia and offer to take part. The rafting season starts from March to November, we conduct one-day rafting trips along the Aragvi, Kura, Machakhela, Rioni, Tskheniskali rivers. In addition to one-day raft tours, we organize multi-day rafting trips for both beginners and professionals.

In addition, for those who are seriously interested in river rafting, we can offer kayak tours, as well as training programs in kayaking and water tourism.

A team of guides professionally involved in rafting since 2010. Our instructors are trained by the international organization “IRF” (International Rafting Federation) and have international certificates. We make tours all over Georgia. Our most important rule is to provide you with maximum safety and minimize risks on tours.

We work in tourism, we know the country well and know how to competently organize the logistics of the tour, so as not to waste extra time and money. If you are looking for those who can organize high-quality rafting in Georgia, then we are ready to help you with this.

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